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Build a parasol stand by yourself

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DIY A Parasol Stand Base


PVC pipe, barrel (smaller than flower pot), flower pot, concrete, stone, earth, flowers




1. Choose a PVC tube that can accommodate the parasol pole. (Take the Sekey 3330 as an example, the width of the 3330 is 48 mm. The width of the PVC pipe should be greater than 48 mm.) 

Cut off the pipe and it should be higher than the height of the flower pot.


2. Place the pipe in the center of the small barrel and pour concrete (it stabilizes the base of the umbrella stand. ) Please wait for the concrete to dry.



3. Place the small barrel in the center of the flower pot and add stones which can drain easily and dredge into the gap between the container and the flower pot.


4. Add soil to the stone foundation and finally plant flowers.


A DIY parasol stand is ready! 

It's perfect with our sekey parasol!

Go make your own for your garden, patio, terrasse and Balcony! 


*During the process, please be aware of concrete dust and pay attention to safety when handling tools!