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Enhance Your Living Spaces With String Lights

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String lights decorating ideas have become an increasingly popular trend. Decorate with luminous string lights to add magical charm to any space. They look great indoors and outdoors, and can be used for decoration all year round. They create a warm, comfortable and even romantic atmosphere, and help to create an atmosphere, and can be decorated in many ways :)


SALCAR LED Moroccan fairy lights

At Sekeymall, You can find various shapes, sizes, and colors; powered by LEDs, incandescent lamps, or the latest lighting technology. You will find power cords or wires in a variety of colors and lengths and a variety of materials: wire, glass, metal, plastic. You can find battery-powered, solar-powered, and of course old-fashioned 120-volt string lights. The wide variety of choices can be overwhelming!

We like them for headboards, walls, mantels, fire boxes, table centers, trees, flower pots, railings, bookshelves, wrapped in mirrors or wooden ladders, strung from the ceiling, and even decorate outdoor living spaces. Fairy lights It is also very suitable for decorating small apartments and dormitories. These wonderful lights can make your home glow for a long time after the holidays, create an atmosphere at night and keep the festive cheers after the snow melts.

The latest LED lights from Salcar Gmbh provide excellent technical features, such as timers and remote controls, allowing you to adjust your mood more easily. They burn safer and look more beautiful than ever, so it is wise not to store them after the holidays, but to find some clever ways to brighten your mood throughout the year.

We have some wonderful DIY creative inspirations. With a little creativity, you can turn ordinary spaces into charming spaces. Make sure to let us know which picture you find most inspiring!


SALCAR 10m garden LED light chain

1. Tiny Bulbs Under the Glass: are Those Pixies?


SALCAR 10m 100 LED light chain star copper

The glass bell-shaped cover filled with miniature fiberglass lamps will bring a magical touch wherever they are displayed. Hundreds of lights fill each dome in a wild array. Each dome has its own characteristics, depending on the lighting inside. Combining these domes with their interior decorations creates a land suitable for fairies and humans.

2. Subtle Lighting for that Narrow Hallsalcar_LED



SALCAR 5m USB light chain

There are always no lamps or a simple dark light bulb in the narrow corridor, and there is almost no space to illuminate. Transform your narrow corridors with strings of white lights falling from the ceiling. Every small lamp emits only a faint light. When you group hundreds of them together, you will get a space that won't trip you even in the darkest night.

3. Say What You Mean with Lights


SALCAR 20m 200 LED light chain

No matter what message you want to convey, the light string can make your thoughts shine. A few nails on key points bring shape to the word you want to highlight. After the nails are in place, all you need to do is to fix the light string in place. live. Love. dance. laugh. pray. Use the light to say anything you want.

4. Create a Looking Glass that Alice Would Envy


SALCAR USB LED light chain 10m

The gorgeous mirror leaning on the wall gets a romantic makeover by simply adding a string of soft white lights. This string of lights was sprinkled on the floor, bringing a beautiful shimmer to the wall behind and the people standing in the front. Approaching this mirror gives the illusion that one can walk into its depths and explore the wonderland.

5. Light up a plain corner


SALCAR PREMIUM neon light falling star

There is a dark or dull corner, you really don't know what to do? Hang fairy lights from hooks screwed on the ceiling to get a burst of brightness. While you are doing it, you can hang some indoor plants in the lace basket. Just don't overload your device. You don't want to take the plaster off!

6. Place lights among the plants


SALCAR LED lantern light with copper cord

This SALCAR LED lantern light hass a very retro look. Clamp them in your favorite plants so you can admire the flowers while relaxing in the garden at night. 

7. Glorify a gazebo


SALCAR light chain G40

Don't run light strings along the sides of the outdoor gazebo, just focus on the top. Wrap the lights on the upper frame and let them hang from each side. Keep them at an appropriate height to avoid hitting them. The string of lights will make your gazebo look like it came directly from a magazine. It will give it an elegant and relaxed appearance and will definitely impress your guests.

Learn more at Sekeymall

We hope this blog will give you inspiration and let you create your own space with fairy lights you can find on We are constantly updating the latest products, so please feel free to come around and start decorating! Before you go, take a look at some of our customers’ thoughts. You may find them instructive!


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