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We cherish every moment at home

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We spend more and more time at our house. The lights are everywhere, from the entrance, living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. Different lights can have different influence to your mood.

The time when you enter you house. Let the music welcome you home.

How much time you have paid to your entry table? Most people will put a bottle of flowers, candles and a key bowl. But how about a lamp which can be your music player and letting the music welcome you home?

Let's imagine:

"When I get off work, open the door, I put my phone on the entrance table and take off my shoes as usual. But I want more comfort. Home is where I recover from exhaustion after work. I want to play my favorite music."

Wilit A15B table Lamp, a phone charger and bluetooth speaker

The time when you at the dining table. You and your phone both need to “eat”.

Researchers have found that people eats more when looking at their phones while eating. They also ate more fatty food. People may be distracted from how much food they have already eaten.

Maybe charge your phone while you are eating is healthier for both.


Wilit A13 Table Lamp 

The time when you are home office. You can focus on your work and left your phone behind.

Find somewhere away from your daily living area. Just leave a glass of water, a laptop and a lamp.

Let the lamp charge the phone and keep you away from the distractions of your phone.


Wilit A15B table Lamp, a phone charger and bluetooth speaker

The time before you go to bed. 

Most people like to watch YouTube or browse Instagram before sleeping. Once someone start to lie on the cozy bed and play the smartphone, they won’t have a single move until the phone is dead. How about start a new habit from today. Put down the phone, turn on the light at your bedside table, play some soft music and start reading?


Wilit A15B table Lamp, a phone charger and bluetooth speaker

Enjoy your time with Wilit lamp. We cherish every moment of your life.